Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shiny, Happy People

We have spent 3 nights and 4 days in our home now. Night one, we discovered we have, shhhhh, free internet. But that's our little secret. We also discovered that sleeping on the carpet in the master bedroom leaves something to be desired. Talk about a sleepless night and a sore rump! We even used our 2 beach towels as blankets. Wa-wa-waaaa. No good. To top it off? We shared a pancake-flat pillow and Matt used a neck pillow we had on hand to place between his knees. Some of you might think that's funny, but we were not happy the next morning. Somehow Matt managed to squeeze a good 6 tossing hours out of the night. I maybe got 2. I was up by 3:30 AM from the amount of discomfort and frustration. I don't know, maybe I thought I could sleep in my walk? By the time the sun came up, we were feeling all the hurts to be felt from our un-clever innovations. Mind you, this wasn't exactly by choice, but it was a pre-conceived idea. Our real beddery, (that's my own word), is being moved from New Mexico by the Navy in a short time from now, so we decided not to invest for the sake of our own "spoiled" comforts.
By night 2 we had upgraded to a magnificent Coleman air mattress. We slept like kings and queens. Or one king, one queen.
On day three we were so thrilled to wake up with our own roof over our heads and without so much soreness, that we decided to celebrate our love and our blessings by goofing around on the practically only thing we have in our possession, which is our trusty imac. And since we're lucky enough to have free internet, you all will be lucky enough to see what we did. I hope you enjoy...

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