Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Eley's condo!

Matt and I have really gone through some tension-bound times recently, in search for a decent place to live. LOTS of searching on craigslist, AHRN, and LOTS of driving around San Diego in the rental car we had for a week... looking for RENT signs stuck in lawns and viewing places that looked promising from a couple small pics online... We weren't finding anything. We weren't getting calls back, people were beating us to the punch, or the real deal was hardly up to our standards. We're not picky people, but since I had tested positive on a pregnancy test a few days earlier, we really needed a place to suit a newborn. We needed a good neighborhood and enough room to be comfortable, and it couldn't be too far from the Naval Base where Matt works.

Well, because we are the proud owners of 2 wonderful dogs, we had to be put on a 8-12 month waiting list to move into military housing, which irritably would have eliminated the headaches and the searching for days on end. In addition, these places have a fenced yard and plenty of room to spare. But San Diego isn't at all dog friendly as Tucson, AZ had been for us, so it came as no surprise that we would not be accommodated so easily. Needless to say, we needed to find a place with a one year lease, at-lease. haha

Long story short, we found this good looking condo online, 2 bed, 2 bath and in a GREAT little area called Mission Hills. We immediately called the property manager and within the hour he called us back. We made an appointment to get the "tour" and we immediately fell in love with it. Yada yada yada, a few days later we filled out the paperwork, he handed us the keys, and we moved in!!!
So we are now two very happy campers. No longer do we have to worry about being kicked out of our motel room or being told that we can't extend our stay. No more eating meals cooked by a microwave and no more near accidents because one of us hogged the toilet... Ahem... And no more loud, obnoxious parties at 1 AM to complain to the front desk about... the list could go on, by why complain now when we've got what we need?

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