Sunday, June 22, 2008


So Matt and I have noticed since we've moved to our condo, a peculiar BOOMING! that sounds in the distance, every night around 10PM. At first I thought, oh, probably the impatient local people who can't wait until July 4... But who has that many spare fireworks? I mean c'mon, people! They're cool, but not enough to watch every night for a week! We've heard it EVERY night, at precisely 10 minutes to 10:00 PM. No one can be that OCD. So we nipped that likelihood right in the bud.
My inquisitive husband suggested that Sea World could be the culprit... (not that the booming has been an annoyance, but rather a reminder that it's about time for bed)! It seemed plausible. So I mapquested it, and the proposal looks accurate! 4.99 miles from our abode, to be exact.
Golly! Sea World, in our very own backyard! It looks like we have no choice. Shamu and all your flippery pals, here we come!


Justin said...

OK it's official...we need to come visit.

I'm glad you liked "Wall-E" by the way. Last night we rewatched "Casino Royale," and I really think you need to give it a viewing. It's surprisingly layered for a Bond film.

Erica Eley said...

It's official. I'l give Bond a go!