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Reflections of Christ

I love photographer Mark Mabry's vision!

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Lucky to reside in...

Mission Hills.
San Diego’s most picturesque neighborhood.
Of all the wonderful neighborhoods that surround downtown San Diego, none is more revered than Mission Hills. Stately, architecturally significant homes populate its broad avenues and beautifully landscaped streets. Presidio Park, Frances Parker School, Mission Hills Nursery, and the antique district are among Mission Hills’ many highlights.

In fact, it would be hard to select a more convenient location in all of San Diego. My condo is almost equidistant to Balboa Park, Downtown, Old Town, Lindbergh Field, Mission Valley, and Mission Bay; each, incredibly, are within a 2 mile radius.

Celebrated History
Most of Mission Hills was developed in the 1920’s at the height of the Golden Age of residential design. Spanish Revival, Craftsman, Mission, Bungalow, and Colonial Revival styles are all well represented here. Such noteworthy architects as William Templeton Johnson, William Hebbard, Richard Requa, Lloyd Ruocco and Homer Delawie all designed master works here.
The famous horticulturalist Kate Sessions was influential in the overall character of Mission Hills. She founded the Mission Hills Nursery in 1910. Presidio Park, one of San Diego’s Premier Landmarks, was developed by George Marston, a prominent San Diegan; William Templeton Johnson designed the Serra Museum, built in 1928-29, looking out over Mission Bay and Mission Valley.

Visitors welcome! And welcome to my home. :)

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Eden Victoria Eley

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Belly Dancer

Baby, it is good to be back!
We now have a little girl in the making, and she is the absolute love of all my fetal sustaining parts. We have decided to name her Eden, after a brain numbing deliberation that lasted over a period of months. We have picked our inventory clean, and Eden remained, so Eden she shall be named.
The journey of a woman's first pregnancy is going to be the most individual experience she can never imagine. What in life could even compare? (This is actually my second pregnancy, but 2 weeks in, I hardly felt a difference and it was over just like that).
I came upon countless columns online of, "You might be a baby's mama if, fill in the blank..." and sure, there are a number of sure signs for a woman to know, but who can really predict or even anticipate what the actual experience will end up being?
For me, I just had that little spark fly in my brain that told me it had happened; I was pregnant. And I was ecstatic, I felt elated and like there wasn't going to be enough time to prepare for it all.
Now the time for her to be in my arms can't come fast enough. In the first several months, I went through the unfortunate circumstance of greeting the toilet face-first every single morning and before or after I had gone to bed for the night. I tried motion sickness bands, preggie teas, Preggie pops, snacking on breads before getting out of bed, I did it all, yet nothing took my nausea away, and I felt like I had been the unlucky one that you rarely get more than a paragraph on in the books. However, I at long last made it through the sick stages, and I've never felt more grateful to not have an aversion to all foods in existence. Through it all, somehow this little baby hung on.
Waking up each day to feel her kicks and movements is fascinating. Matt has been able to feel her movements already; she seems to know when he's around. Its fun to see him eyeing my ever-growing belly when he thinks I'm not paying attention. I don't consider myself a selfish person, but I really like having this experience all to myself. And at what other moment will a man's tender kiss on your bare belly have more meaning? It never gets old.
I am currently 25 weeks and 4 days along. April 29 is my expected due date, but Eden and I could both be May babies after all is said and done.