Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three Years Ago...

I was standing beside the man of my dreams. We were dressed up for a very significant and unforgettable experience. It was special, simple, and beautiful. We laughed. We cried. We embraced. We entwined our fingers together, never wanting to separate. We stood side by side, exchanging our vows and completely and utterly in love.
I have come to love Matt more with each passing year, as much as I would have thought my love for him then could not possibly grow any more...
I am so blessed to have a patient, understanding man to stand by my often impatient, misunderstanding side. I am blessed beyond words. He has become my hero, and my strongest friend.
I am happy to know that Matt loves me for who I was then, and for who I am changing into with every new day. We can both look to a bright future together with faith and hope, and we know we can live our best life as long as we do it together.
I respect this man that comes home to me every evening. He is so committed to me, more so than I think I really deserve. I admire his reason behind most everything he does; It seems he never leaves me out of the reason why he does anything. I often give him the strength he needs to accomplish anything. He tells me I'm his everything.
Matt is often quiet when it comes to expressing his feelings about me, but I'm learning how to read the love and his kind thoughts that lies behind his beautiful eyes. He no longer has to struggle to explain- all I have to do is read his face. It's wonderful to have been able to know this man long enough to read him without words.
Matt is my world. He is my joy and my laughter, my hope and my prayer.
Being with Matt is very freeing for me, and I am thankful for his trust in me to never fly too far.
Happy 3 Years of marriage, Matt. I love you more than words.

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Justin said...

Congrats, you two. You seem happier than ever, and I'm glad you're still enjoying all your adventures.

We're so excited for Lily to see you both again.