Thursday, July 17, 2008

BT's This Binary Universe

What an incredible work BT has created! He has put his heart and soul into everything he does, but I think this one will take the cake. It's going to be beautiful and astounding.
If you want to see something so tender, watch the full video entitled, Good Morning Kaia. Kaia is Brian's daughter, in case you're wondering. When I watch it I am nearly moved to tears.
I cannot wait to watch and listen to, This Binary Universe, on 5.0 digital surround sound... August 29th!
This Binary Universe


Low Gain said...

I'm all over that like ants on candy!!! That looks incredible!

Erica Eley said...

I KNOW! BT is a musical, visual genius. I want to hear your thoughts on it afterwards. Wish we could watch it together!